Regional spotlight: Death and dying in Alberta

Webinars | January 17, 2024

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Regional spotlight: Death and dying in Alberta

On Wednesday, January 17, Dying With Dignity Canada was joined by MAID clinicians Dr. Hayden Rubensohn and Nurse Practitioner Peter Godor to discuss the medical assistance in dying (MAID) process, attitudes toward death and dying, and local resources to help navigate grief in the province of Alberta.

Dr. Hayden Rubensohn is a palliative care and internal medicine physician. This career has exposed him to all manner of end-of-life journeys and has provided a deep knowledge of the importance of decision-making at that delicate time. Hayden is an ardent believer in patient autonomy around end-of-life choices and has been a MAID assessor and provider since March 2021. Hayden is keen to participate in advocacy related to enhanced MAID access and would be thrilled to work with and learn from the DWDC Board.

NP Peter Godor has been a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner in Edmonton, Alberta for the last two decades, working in a tertiary Intensive Care Unit and rotary aeromedical transport. An active MAID Assessor and Provider since 2016 for the Edmonton, North, and Central Zones of Alberta, Peter is involved in multiple initiatives both locally and abroad for the advancement of MAID delivery.

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