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Guiding you through your end-of-life rights and options.

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If you have questions about end-of-life rights and choice, our Support Team may be able to help. We offer information on end-of-life options, patient rights, navigating a request for medical assistance in dying (MAID), Independent Witnessing for MAID, and local resources in your community.

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Phone: 416-486-3998

Toll free: 1-844-395-3640

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Dying With Dignity Canada supports people across Canada navigating end-of-life choice and care; we do not encourage, support, nor provide the information or means to end a life. If your sole underlying medical condition is a mental disorder, you are not eligible to apply for medical assistance in dying (MAID) until March 17, 2027. If you are struggling and need to speak with someone, you can connect with a crisis responder 24/7 for judgement-free support by calling 9-8-8. You are not alone.  

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