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The Metro Vancouver Chapter of Dying with Dignity Canada (DWDC) was formed in 2013 by Dr. Sue Hughson. The Chapter provides residents of Metro Vancouver with information and resources on end-of-life issues including medical assistance in dying (MAID), Advance Care Planning, and patient rights. The Metro Vancouver Chapter offers resources and services in support of end-of-life choice, including presentations to community groups, trained volunteer witnesses (to satisfy the legal requirement of one Independent Witness for each MAID request), and information about barriers to access and practical ways of advocating for increased end-of-life choice in your community. 

Services Provided

  • Independent Witnessing (See additional Info for more)
  • Community education (See additional Info for more)

Our Chapter's Team

Alex Muir

Chapter Chair

Jennifer Harder

Independent Witness Coordinator

Margaret Landstrom


Oona Iverson

Communications Director

Upcoming Events

Despite MAID being a legal option since 2016, equitable access to MAID, including the location of one’s MAID death, remains a challenge. Join us on Wednesday, May 22 at 3:00 p.m. ET for an enlightening discussion with MAiDHouse’s Executive Director Tekla Hendrickson to discuss how the charity provides a safe space for clinicians, requestors, and their loved ones.


Additional Information

Independent Witnessing: The current legislation requires all Canadians requesting medical assistance in dying (MAID) to have their written request signed by one Independent Witness (i.e. someone who understands the nature of the request and is not an unpaid caregiver or beneficiary of the individual making the request). Witnessing is currently being conducted virtually due to COVID restrictions. If you require a witness, contact us at 

Community education: DWDC Metro Vancouver has presentations available on two end-of-life topics: MAID (including its history, eligibility, and the limitations of the current legislation) and Advance Care Planning (this presentation will explain the purpose and benefits of an Advance Care Plan, how to begin this process, and how to select a Substitute Decision-Maker).  

Information sessions are free and can be tailored to suit your group’s specific concerns. Each session lasts approximately 40-45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for a Q&A but can be shortened to accommodate your group’s interests and timeline. These sessions are currently being conducted via Zoom, but the Chapter hopes to offer in-person sessions once COVID restrictions are lifted. 

If you would like to request a presentation for a specific local group, or if you know of a local group who might want to be an audience for either presentation, please email Alex Muir, Metro Vancouver Chapter Chair at

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DWDC supports Canadians navigating end-of-life choice and care, we do not provide the information or means to end a life.

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A photo of Jacqueline and Mark shortly after they first met

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Mark and Jacqueline's story: How it all began

In the fall of 2020, one of our board members, Dr. Jonathan Reggler, shared an article from Powell River Living Magazine with Dying With Dignity Canada. It was a story about Mark Huddleston, a gentleman from British Columbia who chose medical assistance in dying (MAID) and his very inclusive, outdoor end-of-life ceremony....

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