How to be a Patient Advocate 

Booklet | August 16, 2023

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A patient advocate, or support person, is someone who assists a patient in navigating the health care system.

Navigating the health care system can be confusing and tiring. Managing appointments, refilling prescriptions and getting to and from a clinic can be overwhelming for someone suffering from pain, fatigue, or other symptoms of illness. Having a patient advocate can make all the difference.

Download a Patient Advocate Guide 

This Guide is a source of information for individuals who want to learn more about becoming a patient advocate.

Getting started as a patient advocate:

  • Obtain consent 
  • Obtain medical records
  • Keep a timeline of health care and treatments
  • Keep track of medications
  • Learn about and support patient rights 

Some of the responsibilities of a patient advocate can include:

  • Listening and taking notes at appointments
  • Asking questions and clarifying information provided
  • Arranging follow-up appointments after treatments or new medications, and more…

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