Advance Care Planning

Do you have a Health Care Directive (HCD)?

Does it clearly indicated how you want to be cared for in an emergency? What happens if something bad happens and you can't speak for yourself? Do you know your rights when it comes to treatment at the hospital? What do "heroic measures" and "artificial means" really mean? DNR - is it really followed these days?

These are some of the questions that will be answered in this workshop. 

Topics addressed in the presentation include

  • Legal issues around Advance Care Planning (ACP) / Healthcare Directives (HCD), including the difference between an ACP and a Power of Attorney
  • Patient rights, including the right to refuse treatment
  • How to choose a proxy decision maker
  • How to ensure that your wishes are carried out
  • Comparison of a Living Will prepared by a lawyer with a standard hospital form, and the Manitoba government form
  • Discussion of common but imprecise phrases such as "heroic measures" and "artificial means"
  • A walk through the ACP kit and the Health Care Directive form in detail
  • How to complete the form/how to make copies
  • What to do (and what NOT to do) with your HCD after it's completed
  • Resources for those who want further information or guidance

Helpful resources:

Feedback from previous workshops:

  • "The information gave direction as to what to enter on the form. Gave me info on what to think about - WOW! I'm glad I came."
  • "Excellent presenter, & class organization & handouts"
  • [most helpful aspect of the workshop] "Sharing by the presenter of the intricacies (sic) and practicalities from her experience about health care directive decisions"