Our History

The Winnipeg chapter started just a few months after a local woman named Susan Griffiths went public with her story about needing to go to Switzerland to die because Canadian law had not yet changed to allow her to die with assistance at home. Susan had to die as much as a year or two before it would've been truly necessary, because she would've required help after a certain point, and help was illegal. A few of us got angry enough about the need to change the laws that we agreed to start a chapter.

Now that Canadian law has changed to allow for medical assistance in dying, we have shifted our focus to mainly public education and support.


Dorothy Stephens is our Advance Care Planning educator. She has a Bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of Manitoba and worked as a Registered Nurse in Winnipeg hospitals for 30 years. She also has experience as a caregiver and health care proxy for several family members, including during end-of-life care.
Pam Hunter is our Death Matters presenter. For most of her professional life, she was a student services teacher supporting students, teachers and parents. Art therapy was one of her favourite tools for counselling. Pam is currently exploring Manitoba's green burial potential.
Tammy Pham is our Patient Rights Presenter, speaking to healthcare institutions about MAID and patient rights at end-of-life. She founded the first and only university campus chapter of DWDC at the University of Ottawa in 2016. She has a Master's degree in Physician Assistant studies and currently works in Winnipeg.
Lori Blande is our workshop & events coordinator. She retired after 30 years in the healthcare field and quality management followed by 10 years as a small business owner. She also has experience as a health care proxy and end-of-life caregiver.
Sherry Lyn Marginet has always been interested in matters to do with end of life issues. She once worked in the funeral industry and now assists with the running of the chapter. 
Cheri Frazer is the chapter administrator and works with head office in Toronto to coordinate advocacy campaigns.

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