Activities are underway to build the Toronto Chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada. Until recently, the DWDC head office has served as the local chapter, but the DWDC movement is expanding and Toronto requires an independent chapter.

Things are moving quickly. We are establishing a founding Executive Committee, whose focus will be information, education and advocacy. By late this Fall, the chapter plans to be running its first education and outreach programs.

We are looking for volunteers with the skills and the will to build a successful new chapter. We are still looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

  • Event Planning Committee Lead
  • Web and Social Media Committee Lead, and
  • Secretary/Treasurer (click here for details).

Please provide a brief summary expressing your interest in one of the volunteer positions listed, highlighting the relevant aspects of your experience, and describing your personal interest in the DWDC mission. Send your information to by August 14, 2020.