Terry Wiens

Since 1996, Terry has been wheelchair dependent because of polio, which he contracted when he was three years old. Having grown up in hospitals, Terry has since lived as independently as possible. He spent almost 15 years working in mental health before leaving healthcare to work as a policy analyst for the British Columbia government. He also has a long history of activism with a primary focus on access and quality-of-life issues for a wide range of disabilities.

In 1998, Terry became involved in the use of adaptive equipment for computer access. He attended California State University to get his certification in adaptive technology application to help broaden his knowledge base on that aspect of access.

In 2008, he returned to Calgary where he spent time as a service coordinator for ESL families that had children on the autism spectrum. While back in Alberta, he was contracted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission to design and write a dozen train-the-trainer modules based on human rights in the workplace.

Terry has since returned to Vancouver Island to be closer to his son and grandson. He now works from home to provide social media services to start-up companies and independent non-profits. He maintains his own website and YouTube channel where he focuses on access issues.