Tell your Story. Have your voice heard.

Voice Your Choice for change by creating a selfie picture or video containing a message of hope.

Storytelling and personal messages are a vital way to contribute to the discussion of end of life issues and Physician Assisted Dying. Crowdsourced video and photo submissions have been a growing tactic of organizations in recent years to raise awareness and get people talking about the causes that are important to them.

Dying With Dignity Canada is hoping to take on a similar campaign with the aim of making sure that we keep physician assisted dying on the radar of Canadians and lawmakers during this critical time.

For the remainder of this year, and beyond, we must focus our attention on ensuring that assisted dying is available to all eligible Canadians on the February 6 deadline, regardless of whether lawmakers have drafted legislation by that date.

We are asking our supporters to send in short video clips and photos using their cellphones so that we can share the stories, values and wishes of Canadians, and mobilize others to act. Our video toolkit and accompanying step-by-step videos will coach you on how to go about creating and submitting your video. Our photo toolkit will show you how to take a selfie, include a Voice Your Choice-themed message for the world to see.

When you're done, post your video to YouTube and send us a link. If you've taken a photo, send it to [email protected]. Happy posing!