Sandy Doyle

Hello, I’m Sandy. I’m a wife, a mother of two grown sons, and a Registered Nurse who has worked in the Toronto area for many years. I have supported people confronting end-of-life struggles in my career, most recently with hospice, and I have also experienced those struggles personally in caring for my elderly mother after she succumbed to a stroke in 2019. In every instance, I gained invaluable experience and learned firsthand about the fears, regrets, hopes, and wishes of those facing the end of their lives. This includes witnessing the relief and comfort experienced by some upon learning that if things got ‘so bad’, they could choose this other option – medical assistance in dying. After ‘being there’ for my own mother when she chose a medically assisted death, I experienced firsthand the ‘double-edged sword’ of losing a loved one in this way and the uniqueness of that grief — something I couldn’t appreciate until it touched me personally.

It is my wish and hope that in working with others on the FPWC, I will be able to use my knowledge and lived experience to support the work of DWDC in advocating for improvements to our existing laws, providing greater clarity to the public regarding individuals’ end-of-life rights and choices, and helping to optimize supports and services for those facing end-of-life challenges.

Empower. Inform. Protect your rights.