Professor Jan L Bernheim 

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Recently retired, Jan Bernheim MD, PhD is an emeritus professor and researcher in medical ethics, end-of-life issues and quality of life in the End-of-Life Care Research Group of the VUB and Ghent University, the Study Group Evolution, Cognition and Complexity (ECCO) and the Centrum Leo Apostel for interdisciplinary research of the VUB and the Coma Science Research Group of the University of Liège. His publications include over 150 international peer-reviewed articles. They range from studies of cell death and hormonal carcinogenesis to quality of life and end-of-life issues. He co-founded the first Palliative Care organisation in continental Europe in 1979 and the European Study Group for Quality of Life of the European Organisation for Research on the Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) (1979), of which he was the first chairperson.

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