Jenny Hasselman


Hi, I’m Jenny and I am incredibly honoured to be part of this brave group of First Person Witnesses, as we all work toward building pathways to effect change and help countless others. My journey with the MAID program began in July 2018, through the death of my Mom. The MAID program is one I am very grateful for, however it brings unique challenges to everyone involved, especially as we are the first generation to have this option. My hope for the First-Person Advocates’ Initiatives Council is to share my personal experiences and perspectives, not only as a support to others but as part of a tangible way for us all to learn ways to effectively navigate and evolve how we approach the MAID path. I promise to always listen first, lead when I should, and work as a team toward our common goals. My thanks to everyone at DWDC for this opportunity to serve on the First-Person Advocates’ Initiatives Council.

Empower. Inform. Protect your rights.