Jane Morris


Vice President, Dying with Dignity Victoria

For decades, Jane has been a staunch advocate for Assisted Dying. She completed a Nursing Degree in the late 1970’s and later completed a Master’s of Bioethics. In 2014, her mother was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Without the ‘legal’ option of an assisted death, her death was horrific and traumatic for all. After she died in 2015, Jane became involved in Victorian VAD advocacy with both Go Gentle Australia and Dying with Dignity Victoria. In 2018, she was invited to become a co-editor of a newsletter, VAD-Media Watch, which is distributed to a select list of recipients throughout Australia and overseas and provides a weekly global summary of VAD news articles. In 2019, Jane was asked to join the DWDV Board and, in 2021, became Vice-President. 

Empower. Inform. Protect your rights.