Dr. Gary Payinda

Headshot of Gary Payinda

New Zealand


Emergency Medicine Specialist

Medical Practitioner, NZ Assisted Dying Service

Dr. Gary Payinda works as an emergency medicine specialist in New Zealand with professional interests in helicopter retrieval medicine, ultrasound, and resuscitation. He saw the need some terminally ill patients had for medical help to end unmanageable and often prolonged suffering at the end of their lives. He is a member of the End-of-Life-Choice Society of New Zealand and helped campaign for the New Zealand End-Of-Life Choice Act, which established a legal, publicly-funded assisted dying health service in 2021, with widespread support from the New Zealand public. He has served as a medical practitioner within that service, alongside many other doctors and nurse practitioners, since 2021. He has held a variety of medical, board member, and other leadership roles that provided him with numerous opportunities to speak to groups, including delivering educational lectures.

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