Member, Mental Disorder as Sole Underlying Medical Condition Advisory Council

Ashta-deb is a Registered Hypnotherapist, talk therapist, and Intuitive Empath Healer. She is accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists and is a long-standing member. Her travels took her to India where she learned firsthand the art of Kriya Yoga (breath work) and Meditation. She further became proficient in childhood programming, ego consciousness, and yoga specific to mental health. Her wisdom of Vedanta and yogic abilities have contributed to the personal techniques she developed.

Ashta-deb has shared her wisdom through numerous print and online publications, including Female First, Amaze Magazine, and 420 Magazine. She was a featured guest on Conscious Talk Radio, Spiritually Inspired and Everybody has a Story.

Ashta-deb faces the challenges of CPTSD, borderline bipolar, and treatment-resistant depression. For many years, she shared the insights gained from her lived experience, and inspired others. Her lived experience, while giving her a wealth of wisdom and awareness has borne new challenges, mental discrimination being one. She is quoted as saying, “A person with mental challenges is no match for a person who thinks of themself as mentally proficient.”

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