Sherry Moran

Sherry is a retired lawyer and federal government executive with extensive experience in developing policy and legislation while working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders. 

She has significant experience in developing and strengthening governance frameworks, both in government and through her work on Boards in the non-profit and charitable sector. Sherry is also proficient in advocating for change in government policy, laws, and regulations.

Sherry is a volunteer advocate with Results Canada’s Ottawa chapter which works to ensure the Canadian government provides the leadership and funding necessary to end global poverty, mitigate or wipe out disease, and guarantee access to education. As a volunteer selector with CUSO International, Sherry is part of an assessment team that evaluates candidates in terms of their suitability for CUSO’s overseas programs. In advocating for an increase in Canadian international assistance, Sherry has had letters to the editor and op-eds published in newspapers across the country.


“I have been a member of Dying with Dignity since watching a close family member die a horrible death over a period of months. 

I am passionate about choosing the time and manner of my death, and support all Canadians having the right to die with dignity. To me, this choice shows the highest regard for the value of human life as it recognizes the difference between a life worth living, even with emotional and physical suffering from time to time, and a life that is over even if one is still breathing with or without medical aid.

My personal line in the sand will be when I no longer recognize my loved ones, and never will again. I will no longer be the “me” I wish to live with or to have others live with. For these reasons, my particular focus is the legal recognition of advance care plans and requests.”