Share Your Plan

Sharing your plan is the most important thing you can do to ensure the care you want.

Thinking about your wishes for care at end of life and then writing those wishes down are both extremely important.

However, it’s best to think of your Advance Care Plan as a living, breathing document that will evolve with time. To help ensure that your plan is accurate and will be followed as precisely as possible, be sure to update your loved ones and your family physician on any changes to your plan. The more information they have, and the more certain they are of your wishes for care, the more likely it is that your wishes will be honoured.

It’s also essential to appoint a Substitute Decision-Maker. Choosing the right person, and sharing your plan with them, is possibly the single most critical thing you can do to ensure your wishes are respected.

These discussions are difficult to broach. That’s why we’ve developed a series of step-by-step mini-guides on how to share your plan with the people who may be responsible for your care. Learn more about how to:

Do you have additional questions about how to Share Your Plan? Our Personal Support Program provides information, education and emotional support to Canadians who are exploring their legal end-of-life options.