Highlights from September 2015's Voice For Choice

The September 2015 issue of Dying With Dignity Canada's Voice For Choice newsletter is out. 

Highlights of this issue include:

Will the federal election be a game-changer?

The outcome of the election promises to have a major effect on whether Canadians will have safe, reliable access to assisted dying come February. Will the contenders ignore one of the most important social policy issues facing Parliament in a generation?

Ontario leads the provinces' charge

Unwilling to wait longer for direction from Ottawa, the provinces are working together to develop a harmonized approach on physician assisted dying. DWD Canada's CEO Wanda Morris writes on the efforts of Ontario's multi-provincial expert panel to avoid  a national patchwork approach to physician assisted dying.

The limits of consent: Do patients have a right to futile treatment?

Canadian patients and their substituted decision-makers can generally refuse any medical test, treatment or intervention. But can they demand a specific treatment from a doctor, even against the doctor's opinion? DWD Canada volunteer Andrew Schipper looks into the legal issues surrounding two recent Ontario cases.

Riding the winds of change in Lethbridge

They're vocal, they're committed and they're blazing a trail for DWD Canada in Southern Alberta. Meet the group that has quickly become one of DWD Canada's most active chapters.