Highlights from September 2017’s Voice For Choice

The September 2017 issue of Dying With Dignity Canada’s Voice For Choice newsletter is out.

Highlights of this issue include:

The long journey home

How one woman’s quest for a peaceful death changed assisted dying in Canada

Defending your choice in court

DWDC brings the voices of patients to court challenges in Ontario and Quebec.

Advancing the conversation on advance requests

Studies on the future of your choice present DWDC with new challenges and opportunities.

Breaking down barriers, one headline at a time

Working to expose injustice in the Canadian healthcare system has brought DWDC’s Cory Ruf back to his journalistic roots, he writes.

‘Rights can be given, and rights can be taken away’

Why a Hamilton chapter coordinator chose to defend dignity in a big way.

An ardent champion of choice, in life and in death

Katherine M. Svec’s last act reminds us that our movement’s work is far from over, writes former DWDC CEO Wanda Morris.