Highlights from September 2016's Voice For Choice

The September 2016 issue of Dying With Dignity Canada's Voice For Choice newsletter is out. 

Highlights of this issue include:

Six months that changed everything

The first half of 2016 opened up new doors for DWDC, giving us a preview of the exciting next phase of our work.

The struggle for fair choice continues

After the disappointment that was Bill C-14, DWDC remains steadfast in its commitment to defending Canadians’ right to assisted dying, writes DWDC CEO Shanaaz Gokool.

Four pillars of the next phase of our work

The ban on physician-assisted dying may be a thing of the past, but the need to fight for Canadians’ end-of-life rights is more pressing than ever. As part of our ongoing mission to protect your choice, we are in the midst of an unprecedented transformation.

Leaping into action, leading by example

Mere months after it formed, DWDC’s Victoria chapter is already a prominent voice in the national conversation on medical assistance in dying.