Ryan Lindsay (he/him)

Ryan is an entrepreneurial not-for-profit leader with 20 years of experience driving organizations to achieve their missions through strategic fundraising, marketing, board leadership, consulting & technology. He has led fundraising teams and major gift portfolios at Canadian Mental Health Association, University of Toronto's School of Public Health and WSAO. He most recently built a sales pipeline for Wisely, a tech startup bringing AI to fundraising.

Ryan is a board member of TTCriders and is the Founder and President of antropía, a not-for-profit that helps schools in Central America become more effective and sustainable by training teachers and educating girls.

Ryan will soon complete a Master's of Education at the University of Toronto, where he also studied Strategic Communications. He has a BA from Wilfrid Laurier University and graduated from teacher's college in New Zealand.

Ryan dotes on his niece and nephew, has worked in multiple countries, and loves wandering strange places in search of great flavours, especially tacos and beer. He plays basketball, squash and ultimate Frisbee, and is passionate about progressive politics, the Raptors, heavy metal and biking around Toronto.


Nearly everything I do is focused on improving the quality of life of the people around me, as well as those I'll never meet. Quality of life means protecting and advancing human rights and freedom, for everyone, including individuals' right to make decisions about their own body, life and death. I raise as much philanthropic revenue as I can for DWDC in order to ensure that those who wish to end their lives on their own terms may do so with as little impediment, and as much support, as possible.