Raise your voice

Our advocacy campaigns make it easy for you to have your voice heard: just sign up, speak out and share.

We have never been closer to granting meaningful end-of-life choices to Canadians facing the prospect of a horrific death.

But without rules that guarantee access to assisted dying, our right to a peaceful death will remain little more than just a promise on paper. Simply put, we can’t let our opponents — powerful interests looking to curtail your rights — to drown out the voices of the 84 per cent of Canadians who support choice in dying. 

The next year will shape how Canadians die for decades to come. Participate in one of DWD Canada's advocacy campaigns to defend your choice. Our petitions, toolkits and other actions make it easy for you to raise your voice: just sign up, speak out and then share!

Our active campaigns are listed below. Check back periodically as we launch more calls to action in the months ahead. 

  • Tell your MP to stand up for your rights. Tell your elected officials not to delay creating new legislation that honours the spirit of the Supreme Court's historic decision on assisted dying. DWD Canada's new letter-writing toolkit will help you craft a powerful appeal. Act now!