Q&A on grief, MAID and preparing for a loved one’s scheduled death

86% of Canadians support the right to medical assistance in dying.  

But even if they stand firmly behind the decision, caregivers, family members and friends can still experience a great sense of loss when someone chooses to end their suffering voluntarily. Knowing what to expect throughout the provision and how to prepare may help ease some of the anxiety and fears.  

On October 29, Dying With Dignity Canada presented a special webinar on grief, MAID, and preparing for a loved one’s scheduled death. 

Through a series of questions and answers, Kelsey and Tanis discussed what happens during a MAID death, shed light on some common concerns and provided recommendations for moving forward. Attendees walked away with a deeper understanding of what they could do to support their loved ones’ decision and how to manage their own grief and emotions.  



  • Kelsey Goforth, Senior Program Manager, Dying With Dignity Canada
  • Tanis Newsham, MSW, RSW, Psychosocial Program Specialist, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Provincial Team  Manitoba, Shared Health 

Prefer to read a summary of key takeaways from this webinar? Click here.

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