Create your own Voice Your Choice selfie photo

Sharing a photo of yourself with a message of hope is a powerful way to Voice Your Choice.

We are asking our supporters to submit photos of themselves so we can truly put a face to our advocacy efforts. By telling the stories of Canadians, we can express their concerns and help ensure that legislation is reflective of their values.

You can record and send us a photo using just your phone. This guide can help you accomplish that from conception to submission. If you're computer-savvy, feel free to add the text by yourself. But it'd be our pleasure to add it for you if you require help.

Untitled.png1. Consider the meaning of your message

Think about the most meaningful way to capture your feelings and thoughts regarding physician assisted death. Perhaps you’d like to reflect on a loved one’s death or convey how you want your own death to be. You may just send us a photo of yourself with a quick summary of your opinion on the issue. Or, you may send a photo of yourself holding a picture of a deceased loved one who had an awful death. You may also choose to take a photo with your spouse or children and reflect on how your death might affect them.

Photo text examples: 

“I don’t want my children to see me suffer, like I did when my father died.”

“It’s because I love her, that I support choice in dying in Canada.”

“I can’t afford to wait beyond February 6.”

“I will participate in the consultation. I want my voice to be heard.”

“My sister had a slow, horrible death. I want choice in how I die.” 

2. Provide context

If you choose to send a photo of yourself holding a picture of a deceased loved one, please let us know a bit about that person and their death. If you send a photo of yourself with other people in the frame, please let us know who they are and their relationship to you. This will be helpful when we are adding text to your photo. 

3. Take your photo

  • Keep the light source behind the camera phone. 
  • Choose a fitting background, ideally a solid-coloured wall. 
  • Take a few shots and pick your favourite.

4. Send your photo

Please email your submissions to [email protected]

Each phone’s email settings are different. Here are some guides depending on your type of phone: 

If you have trouble emailing from your phone, you can also transfer your photo to your computer using a USB cable (this usually comes with your phone) and email from your computer. This link provides some guidance. 

You will receive confirmation of receipt from DWD Canada within two business days.  


By submitting my video or image, you agree to the following: 

  • Your video or image may be shared with the staff members of Dying With Dignity Canada’s National Office. 
  • Your video or image may be featured on Dying With Dignity Canada’s website or social media pages. 
  • Your video may be edited for length or clarity. 
  • Text may be added to the photo or video. 
  • By submitting your image or video, there is no guarantee that it will be used in Dying With Dignity Canada’s campaign materials.
  • In submitting your video or image, you are offering your story voluntarily and Dying With Dignity Canada has no obligation to pay for your submission.