Phone your candidates: Take action to restore end-of-life rights for all Canadians

Medical assistance in dying (MAID) is a recognized right in Canada — but the law as it stands now prevents many Canadians in the early stages of dementia or other degenerative illnesses from accessing their right to a peaceful death because of the unfair ban on advance requests.

As a consequence, many people with capacity-eroding conditions like dementia are effectively banned from their right to a medically assisted death. Those who qualify while they are still of sound mind face a cruel choice: end their lives while they still can or wait and risk living through a nightmare for way too long. Neither option is humane.

The assisted dying legislation has ignored the rights of people with capacity-eroding illnesses for far too long. It’s time for our federal decision-makers to right this wrong and restore the rights of all Canadians who have been discriminated against under the flawed law.

Phone your candidates now to tell them that you support the right to medical assistance in dying and urge them to commit to lift the unfair ban on advance requests so that all Canadians’ end-of-life rights are respected.