"Ode to My Power of Attorney for Personal Care": A DWDC supporter shares a poem about her end-of-life wishes

Ottawa's Pat McLaughlin shares an original poem, in which she reflects on her wishes for care at end of life.

Ode to my Power of Attorney for Personal Care


Dying with dignity

Should be my choice

So I will use my voice

To proclaim

While I am still in the game

That it would be a shame

If I became

ill or just got too old

Leaving my wishes untold

Letting my time of death unfold

Without being controlled

by Me.


So I will  make a claim

My aim

Is to duly explain

What I want


While I can still speak

Before things get bleak

Using any technique

There is no mystique

My request is not unique


When my mind can not think

Or my body begins to shrink

I don’t want to sink

Into the brink

Without a link

to reality.


I don’t want to be fed

Or tied to  a bed

Let it be said

Give me comfort instead

When I start to get dead

Let me vacate

Do Not Resuscitate.

My life has been great

Really  first rate

Hope you relate

And don’t tolerate

Any debate

Or anyone who says Wait!


Let me go!    

Pat McLaughlin.  08-02-19

Dying With Dignity Canada thanks Pat for sharing her poetry with us.

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