Past Webinars

Palliative care: Quiz yourself

On January 18, Nurse Practitioner Valerie Cooper asked participants a series of questions about palliative care, sparking discussion and improving understanding.

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10 things to know about MAID in Canada

On January 13, 2022, the Dying With Dignity Canada team sat down with Jocelyn Downie for a breakdown of 10 things to know about MAID in Canada.

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Bringing up MAID in Canada

On January 11, the Dying With Dignity Canada team sat down with Caroline Variath and Dr. Tanja Daws to learn about the topic of bringing up MAID in Canada.

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A year in review: Access to choice after Bill C-7

On Thursday, December 16, 2021, CEO Helen Long presented a year in review – the last webinar of the year! 

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Successfully navigating MAID: What you should know

Presented in partnership by the Greater Toronto Area Chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada and MAiDHouse

The process for navigating medical assistance in dying can be straightforward when you are informed about the process and its safeguards. At times, challenges may arise and you need to know how to navigate and overcome potential stumbling blocks.

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Caring for yourself as an advocate

On November 18, the Dying With Dignity Canada team was joined by Oceana Sawyer to learn about caring for yourself as an advocate in an "experiential" and interactive webinar.

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Death and writing: Writing obituaries

On November 4, the Dying With Dignity Canada team was joined by Sandra Martin, award-winning journalist and a contributing writer for The Globe and Mail, to learn about death and writing.

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Live your Legacy: Lessons and ideas from a good life and death

On November 2, the Dying With Dignity Canada team was joined by Chelsea Peddle to learn about reframing the idea of legacy. In this recording, Chelsea shares some traditional ideas, including her mother's book, and talks about creating a living legacy through values and relationships.

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Regional Spotlight: Death and dying in Quebec

En français ci-dessous.

Dr. Benjamin Schiff, MD and Assistant Professor, and Dr. Georges L’Espérance, FRCS(c), M. Sc. (Adm. Serv. Santé), Neurosurgeon, joined us to discuss various topics surrounding death and dying in Quebec.

Some focal points included:

  • General attitudes towards death and dying in Quebec
  • Common misconceptions about medical assistance in dying (MAID)
  • Information and local resources to help navigate grief
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The future of Alzheimer's and end-of-life care in Canada

One in five Canadians has experience caring for someone living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Further, the prevalence of dementia more than doubles every five years for Canadians age 65 and older, from less than one per cent for those age 65 to 69 to about 25 per cent for those 85 and older. In this webinar, learn what is currently being done with respect to advance requests for medical assistance in dying (MAID); hear directly from a MAID provider to better understand eligibility and how it affects those with dementia; and more.

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