Past Webinars

A conversation with Dr. Trevor Byers: MAID assessor and provider

Alberta Webinar  

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Q&A on grief, MAID and preparing for a loved one’s scheduled death

86% of Canadians support the right to medical assistance in dying.  

But even if they stand firmly behind the decision, caregivers, family members and friends can still experience a great sense of loss when someone chooses to end their suffering voluntarily. Knowing what to expect throughout the provision and how to prepare may help ease some of the anxiety and fears.  

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Decisions that Count: Advance Care Planning and Personal Directives

Imagine you were unwell and unable to speak for yourself. Would your loved ones know what kind of health and personal care you would want?  

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Looking forward: The future of MAID in Canada

In February 2020, the federal government tabled Bill C-7 in response to Truchon v. Attorney General of Canada – a moment which brought hope to suffering Canadians who want access to MAID but have been excluded.

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Body options: Making decisions about your final resting place

When you imagine your final resting place, options such as a casket or urn probably come to mind. However, if you’re concerned about the environmental effects of burial or cremation or simply want to do something more unusual, there are more intriguing ways than ever to settle the matter of your, well, matter.

During the August 13, 2020 webinar, "Body Options: Making decisions about your final resting place," we learned about planning and decision-making regarding burial, cremation, and a diversity of other options. This webinar explores the choices you have for your body after death so you can make an informed and sustainable choice


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MAID and COVID-19: Impacts of the pandemic on end-of-life choices

During the June 24, 2020 webinar "MAID and COVID-19: Impacts of the pandemic on end-of-life choices" we spoke with three MAID providers from across Canada and heard about the successes and challenges related to providing end-of-life choice during the time of COVID-19.

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MAID Panel: A Snapshot Today & the Potential for Tomorrow

Canada is one of the few countries in the world where individuals can voice their choice at end of life. On May 6, 2020, DWDC hosted a webinar to reflect on how far we have come, and the opportunities that await us with the federal government’s amending legislation, Bill C-7, and the anticipated legislative review of MAID and palliative care.

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Advance Care Planning & COVID-19: Voicing Your Choice in Uncertain Times

These are challenging times filled with a great deal of uncertainty. However, even during a pandemic, you have the power to voice your own choices about your care. 

On April 16, 2020, DWDC hosted a webinar on how people across Canada can decide and communicate their wishes for healthcare.

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Raising your voice during the 2019 federal election – September 4, 2019

Canada’s upcoming federal election will see voters go to the polls to decide who will lead the country during the next session of Parliament. Before the vote, supporters of end-of-life rights have a unique opportunity to have their voices heard in support of fair access to medical assistance in dying (MAID).

On September 4, 2019, DWDC hosted a webinar on how people across Canada can engage with the candidates in their ridings and urge politicians of all stripes to uphold end-of-life rights.

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Journeys with choice: Shining a light on barriers to assisted dying – July 24, 2019

A cornerstone of Dying With Dignity Canada’s work is putting the person at the centre of our mission. On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, DWDC hosted a webinar that focused on the experiences of those who had supported a loved one through accessing medical assistance in dying (MAID).

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