Thank You For Taking Action

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to your parliamentarian at such a critical moment. Your support means so much. 

Every single message makes a difference as it helps us demonstrate to our federal decision-makers how broad and deep our support is for Canada’s assisted dying legislation, even during a pandemic.   

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As the leading organization working to defend Canadians’ end-of-life rights, Dying With Dignity Canada has heard from thousands of people who have described the very real human cost of denying Canadians fair access to medically assisted dying.

These changes matter.    

Our federal legislators need to understand that every day they delay passing Bill C-7 is another day that a Canadian is denied their constitutional right to access medical assistance in dying.   

Every share, every like and every email sent brings us closer to a Canada in which everyone’s right to choose an assisted death is respected. 

We’ve seen firsthand what an unbelievable impact we can have when ordinary Canadians raise their voices together. We thank you for raising yours.