Welcome to DWD Canada's new website

We at DWD Canada are thrilled to give you a glimpse of what will be a keystone in our campaign to protect Canadians’ hard-won right to a peaceful death.

Interactive, visual and equally accessible by smartphone and laptop, our new website will help us mobilize the 84 per cent of Canadians who support the right to compassionate, physician assisted dying. Armed with powerful, easily shareable content, it will further enable our supporters to engage their communities and speak out for compassion and choice at end of life.

This transition couldn’t have come at a more critical time. This summer, we are launching the most ambitious campaign in our 33-year history. Our objective: to ensure physician assisted dying is accessible to all eligible Canadians when the Supreme Court’s decision comes into effect on February 6, 2016.

Because compelling personal stories are the key to driving change, they will play an upsized role on our new site. Check out the stories of Barb and Nagui, two people who have inspired us with their fight for compassionate end-of-life choice. We heartily encourage you to tweet these stories, share them on Facebook or e-mail them to your friends — every little bit counts! And soon enough, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your own testimonials of courage, too.

The new website is in its testing phase, meaning we’re still uploading content and working out the kinks. For the moment, it will be housed at engage.dyingwithdignity.ca.

As for the old DWD Canada website, it’s still active. You’ll be able to access it for the time being, while we work to build out the new one. There’s a ton of fascinating content — from eye-opening research from overseas to profiles of our board and council members — that has yet to find its way to the new page.

So please, take a look around to see what’s fresh. Read the stories of people who’ve inspired us. And if you haven’t already, sign up to our mailing list to find out first about the launch of our new campaigns. After all, it’s your participation, not a shiny new gadget or app, that makes change possible.

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