New Democratic Party

Dying With Dignity Canada is facilitating public policy dialogue and development activities by publishing federal party platforms as they are available.

Party Platform

Palliative care 

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New Democrats will also work with the provinces and territories to expand and improve access to palliative care across the country.

Home and long-term care

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New Democrats believe that families need access to quality home care and long-term care no matter where they live. To that end, we will end private, for-profit long-term care and bring long-term care homes under the public umbrella, beginning with the federally-owned long term care company Revera.

We will work collaboratively with patients, caregivers, and provincial and territorial governments to develop national care standards for home care and long-term care, regulated by the same principles as the Canada Health Act.

Mental Health 

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As a first step, a New Democrat government would bring in mental health care for uninsured Canadians – ensuring that people with no coverage for mental health services could gain access to these supports without worrying about the cost.

Our comprehensive pharmacare plan will also mean that prescription medication for mental health care will now be available free of cost to Canadians.


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We will lead a National Seniors Strategy that will work with the provinces, territories and Indigenous governments to make seniors health care a priority, reduce isolation and tackle seniors’ poverty. This will include a funded national dementia strategy.

Indigenous reconciliation 

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We will pursue government-to-government negotiations on issues including self-government, education, housing and health.

Indigenous mental health

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We will work in partnership with Indigenous communities to improve access to mental health and addiction treatment services both on and off reserve – including an evidence-based action plan to prevent suicide, backed by dedicated federal resources, fully implementing the New Democrat motion on suicide prevention passed by the House of Commons.

Improving health in racialized communities 

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A New Democrat government will prioritize the collection of race-based data on health, employment, policing and more with the goal of improving outcomes for racialized communities. We will work with the provinces to improve race-based data collection, and develop reporting and accountability mechanisms alongside racialized and Indigenous communities.

Disability supports

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To help tackle the unacceptable rate of poverty among Canadians living with a disability and ensure that everyone has the chance to thrive and live in dignity, we will expand income security programs to ensure Canadians living with a disability have a guaranteed livable income