Tell your MP to stand up for your rights

Four months after the Supreme Court struck down the ban on physician assisted dying, Ottawa has said it doesn’t plan to legislate before this year’s federal election. With only nine months left until the old law expires, Canadians are calling on their lawmakers, both federal and provincial, to develop new rules around end-of-life choice that respond to the high court’s courageous decision.

What we need: It’s time we sought bold leadership on assisted dying from our federal and provincial governments. In particular, we must ask our lawmakers to honour the Supreme Court’s decision by crafting rules that promote equal access, prioritize individual choice and protect the most vulnerable members of society.

How you can participate: DWD Canada is calling on its supporters to reach out to their elected officials. Nothing is more effective than personal letters and emails sent directly to MPs and provincial representatives. Including a request for a meeting is also helpful.

We’ve developed a toolkit to help you craft a compelling appeal. Because form letters carry little weight with politicians, it is imperative that your letter or email is in your own words.

There is no official deadline for this action, but in order to maximize our combined impact, please send your letters or emails by June 29, 2015. Let's make our voices heard!

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