Martine Dubois

Hello, my name is Martine Dubois. I was born and raised in Quebec City. I left to study in Ontario where I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trent University and then went on to earn my diploma in Ambulance and Emergency Care from Centennial College in Toronto. Since life does not move in a straight line, although I was trained to work in emergency services, I ended up working in the banking and corporate world in Toronto for almost 10 years before deciding to move to Montreal in 2002. I now work as an IT Project Manager for a high-end retailer, and am part of the team in charge of business continuity planning for our Canadian sector. It’s fair to say that my experience dealing with stressful situations, planning for worst-case scenarios, and developing contingency plans has definitely shaped my life.

I learned about MAID in 2016 when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was a nurse and had seen her fair share of what a terminal illness can do to someone’s dignity and their mental well-being. Almost from the time of her diagnosis, she had informed her medical team that she wanted MAID as soon as she was no longer able to care for herself.

I tried to research what this meant, what were the steps, the rules, who I could talk to about their experience, but there was not a lot of information available at that time. We didn’t even know what questions to ask; by the time we realized what we should have asked when my mother shared her decision with us, it was too late.

After saying goodbye to my mom, I realized that we need something more. I did not want the next family to feel like we did. I wanted to find a way to share my experience and let people know what to expect. There is still a lot of shyness and fear surrounding MAID and this is an obstacle for loved ones who need a better understanding of the process, which will help bring them closure.

As one of the volunteers within the First Person Witness Council, I will help develop and share educational material that offer resources and contacts who are walking the same path, or from those who have already stepped where you are about to go. Together we will help people get the information they need to work with their medical team and respond to questions, thus giving everyone a deeper understanding of what is MAID.