Make Your Plan

Don't leave your future care up to chance. Download and fill out an Advance Care Plan today.

You’ve been thinking about the importance of planning for end of life. You have run through a number of scenarios in your mind and you have a decent idea of what kind of care you would want in each situation.

But what should your next steps be? It’s one thing to meditate on your values and wishes, but it’s quite another to translate them into a plan that lays out your choices in specific detail. 

Thankfully, help is available. To make your journey simpler, we’ve compiled tools and tips on how to go about starting your plan, making your plan and making sure your plan is respected. By the end, you will have an Advance Care Plan to share with the loved ones and healthcare professionals who may be responsible for your treatment in the future.

You can start by downloading an Advance Care Planning Kit for your province or territory. (Dying With Dignity Canada produced some of the kits, while others are available courtesy of End of Life Planning Canada.) It’s a step-by-step guide on how to document your wishes for care, and most importantly, how to share your wishes with your substitute decision-maker.

Download an Advance Care Planning Kit for:

To put yourself in the right mindset to fill out an advance care plan, read our list of tips on how to ensure your wishes are followed.

Talking to your loved ones and healthcare professionals about your plan can be difficult. We’ve put together resources specifically to help you get the discussion started. Learn more about to Share Your Plan with the people who may be responsible for making decisions about your care.

Something to note: advance care planning is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Your wishes for care, whom you choose to be your substitute decision-maker, how you share your wishes with the people you care about — these decisions are highly personal and will vary from one person to the next.

Do you have more questions about how to Make Your Plan? Our Personal Support Program provides information, education and emotional support to Canadians who are exploring their legal end-of-life options.