Looking forward: The future of MAID in Canada

In February 2020, the federal government tabled Bill C-7 in response to Truchon v. Attorney General of Canada – a moment which brought hope to suffering Canadians who want access to MAID but have been excluded.

Under Bill C-7, those whose death is not reasonably foreseeable and those who have been assessed and approved for MAID but have lost capacity to consent (Audrey’s Amendment) would be eligible for medical assistance in dying.  

On September 30, James Cowan, Helen Long, and Puneet Luthra from DWDC talked viewers through the major changes proposed in Bill C-7, the current status of legislation in parliament, the long-awaited parliamentary review of MAID, and what comes next. Attendees walked away from this webinar with a thorough understanding of MAID in Canada, and actionable steps they could take to advocate for timely changes.




  • James Cowan, Chair, Board of Directors 
  • Helen Long, CEO 
  • Puneet Luthra, Director of Government & Stakeholder Relations 

This panel was moderated by Kelsey Goforth, Support Program Manager at Dying With Dignity Canada.

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Answers to frequently asked questions: Click here.

Note: This webinar was presented on September 30, 2020. For the most timely updates on MAID legislation in Canada, be sure to follow DWDC on Facebook and Twitter

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