Playwright, DWDC supporter's charming video highlights importance of making a living will

Dying With Dignity Canada’s supporters have always been the beating heart of our organization. While the past two years have been jam-packed with groundbreaking victories and infuriating setbacks, we have been continuously amazed by the passion and creativity of our supporters throughout it all.

Diane Gordon, one of our supporters, fully exhibits this passion and creativity. The Toronto-based playwright, actress, and defender of dignity wrote and acted in a video earlier this year, which she dedicated to the DWDC Toronto chapter. In the video, titled “Marion and Freda Make a Will,” two close friends converse with one another about the benefits of preparing a “living will” — or advance healthcare directive — to protect their quality of life at the end.

Gordon, who recently acted in the Jessica Chastain-helmed horror film Mama, appears in the video as Freda, alongside Louise Nicol’s Marion. Throughout the nearly nine-minute video, Marion gently explains to a skeptical Freda the benefits of creating an advance care plan.

“I can decide this right now when I’m in my right mind,” Marion says. “When I can’t think right, and I need plugs and hoses and gizmos tied into me just to keep me breathing, I want to go.”

By the end, Gordon’s Freda comes around, remarking on the peace of mind that an advance care plan can bring.

“It can’t be all that bad — passing away — if you know what you’re doing,” she says.

DWDC thanks Diane Gordon for creating this video!

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