End-of-life rights are human rights

The choice of an assisted death is about compassion, avoiding suffering, and the fundamental rights of an individual.

We should all have choice at end of life

The choice of an assisted death is about compassion, avoiding suffering, and the fundamental rights of an individual. Despite historic gains in the Canadian end-of-life rights movement since 2016, too many people across Canada are still unable to access their wish of a peaceful death — leading to unwanted and unnecessary suffering.

  • There are no legal provisions for making an advance request for MAID — leaving many of those in the early stages of a capacity-eroding condition — such as dementia, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease — unable to make a formal request for MAID in advance.
  • In many provinces and territories, publicly-funded health care facilities are still allowed to refuse MAID on religious grounds — forcing many to leave their support systems behind and transfer to other facilities that offer it.
  • People with mental disorders who want to access their rights are still excluded from the law largely due to legislation tabled by the government last year that continues to delay access to MAID and discriminates against those whose sole underlying condition is a mental disorder.

After years of delays, these aspects of assisted dying must not be stalled any further. Now, we must come together to ensure that everyone’s end-of-life choices are respected.

Know your options — and how to protect them

The release of the Final Report of the Special Joint Committee on MAID to Parliament in March 2023 was a critical step in proposing changes that will improve access to assisted dying while also addressing the need for safeguards and protections. Now, those recommendations must be turned into legislation.

The more people across Canada know about MAID and understand the end-of-life options available to them, the better able individuals are to express their wishes and access their choices. Together, we must speak up to see the law change for the better.

Get informed and help protect end-of-life options now

Dying With Dignity Canada (DWDC) is the national human-rights charity committed to improving the quality of dying, protecting end-of-life rights, and helping people across Canada avoid unwanted suffering.

We fight every day for people across Canada to be informed of their end-of-life choices, because we believe that everyone deserves compassion, dignity, and respect at end of life — and that they have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies.

By joining our informed and united movement, you can help ensure that people are aware of MAID laws in Canada — and continue to advocate for fair, accessible, and humane end-of-life options for everyone. 

If you are among the 84% of people across Canada who support end-of-life choice, join us today to learn more about your options and how you can protect them.

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