Video: Bill C-14 would have done nothing to help my parents, says B.C.'s Laura Phelps

Bill C-14 — the federal government’s proposed legislation on assisted dying — would not have saved Laura Phelps’ parents from the excruciating suffering they each experienced at the end of their lives.

In this must-watch video, Phelps—a DWDC supporter from outside Victoria, B.C.—outlines the “cruel and heartless” ways Bill C-14 excludes whole groups of suffering Canadians like her mother, father, and grandmother.

In the video, Phelps recalls the agonizing and enduring suffering of her loved ones. Both of her parents experienced devastating complications following their respective strokes that left them unresponsive. Her grandmother two decades before that had suffered for months with colon cancer. All three chose to end their lives in a legal, but horrific, way through starvation and dehydration.

Phelps was hopeful that Bill C-14 would protect other Canadians from living through this nightmare, but the bill’s unnecessarily restrictive nature dashed those hopes. Neither of her parents would have qualified for assisted dying under the bill as drafted.

“How can it be that the very thing the Supreme Court said was unconstitutional — that is, forcing Canadians to lose all dignity as they die horrible, protracted, agonizing deaths — is proposed to be left in place as the law of the land?” she asks in the video.

Motivated by the memory of the her loved ones’ deaths, Phelps calls on you to fight for changes to this problematic and discriminatory bill. It’s not too late to fight for better, more compassionate options for ourselves and our loved ones.

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