Eva Kmiecic

Eva’s career has spanned three decades, two continents, and executive positions in both the public and non-profit sectors, including Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP, Vice President of the Public Policy Forum, Assistant Secretary for the Australian Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Registrar of Canadian Citizenship, and work on various social policy and criminal justice initiatives. Throughout, she has been an active volunteer serving on both national and community organizations, with a primary focus on governance, strategy and public policy.

Currently, she is Secretary of the Ottawa-Gatineau Chapter of Dying with Dignity Canada, and a member of the Ottawa Committee of the Institute on Canadian Citizenship.

After a two-year battle with cancer, Eva Kmiecic retired from United Way Centraide Canada, where she had served for ten years as its Senior Vice President. Currently, she is Vice-President of LGT Executive Performance Inc., a firm she co-owns with her husband, Paul Migus.


"Living is about unique, individual choices that we make every day. Yet as we reach the end of our lives, those choices are limited. Many of us will face traumas and indignities when what we most need are compassion and respect.

My father starved himself in order to die at home, as my family watched. I was present when hospital interventions continued in spite of an agreement that my mother should pass peacefully. As cancer ravaged me, I could not choose how I might die.

We are at a critical threshold in Canada in the struggle for our rights to ethical, legal and humane choices in how one ends life when quality of living is no longer possible. It is time for us to de-stigmatize assisted suicide, to legitimize our right to choose how we want to die. Having that right, not everyone will make that choice, but they will know they could have."