Kelsey Goforth

Kelsey Goforth has five years of experience in the non-profit field, having volunteered with organizations like the University of Toronto chapter of the United Nations Development Program, the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Before becoming the National Volunteer and Events Coordinator at Dying with Dignity Canada, she worked as a recruiter and marketing coordinator for a non-profit fundraising organization.

She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Toronto.


I feel that as people approach the end of their lives, they should be granted the right to choose a more dignified death. Although palliative care can be comforting during the final stages of life, not all emotional or physical pain can be remedied by such care.

Some terminally-ill Canadians are travelling to countries such as Switzerland to seek physician-assisted dying. Others are resorting to more violent means to end their lives. By giving people the choice to die without unnecessary suffering, Canadians can experience a more compassionate and dignified death at home on their own terms.