Jonathan Reggler

Dr. Jonathan Reggler is a family physician in Courtenay, B.C., on Vancouver Island. He studied medicine at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, graduating in 1984 and then spent eight years in the British Army prior to entering general practice in southern England. He emigrated to Canada in 2003. 

He combines hospital with office practice. His office practice is deliberately skewed towards the care of seniors and he thus also provides a lot of palliative care.

Dr. Reggler served on the Ethics Committee of St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Comox, B.C. for many years, resigning from the committee in 2016 because of that hospital’s prohibition on medically assisted deaths.


The right of eligible Canadians to have a medically assisted death is the most important advance in citizens’ rights in decades. It is now the duty of provincial governments to ensure that this right is available in every part of the country, be it in the patient’s home, or in any hospital, hospice or residential care facility that receives public funding. The medical and nursing professions have a duty to advocate strongly for this on behalf of eligible patients. We also have a duty to encourage the federal government to improve the legislation so that Canadians who are suffering intolerably, but whose natural death is not “reasonably foreseeable,” may choose a medically assisted death.