In Case You Missed It: June 2019

In Case You Missed It is a round-up of news articles and commentaries featuring Dying With Dignity Canada speakers and stories. Did you miss these stories in June?


To mark the third anniversary of the passage of Canada’s assisted dying law, our CEO Shanaaz Gokool spoke with CBC’s The Homestretch about the legislation. Listen here.

Maclean’s writer Shannon Proudfoot talks about advance requests for assisted dying on The Big Story Podcast. Listen here.

Three out of four Quebeckers believe that people with Alzheimer’s should be able to seek medical assistance in dying (MAID) before they lose capacity, according to a new poll. Read more on Le Journal de Quebec. (Article is in French)

According to documents obtained by La Presse, an expert panel created by the Quebec government is set to issue recommendations on advance requests for assisted dying. Read more. (Article is in French)


British Columbia’s Hamish Telford recounts the heartbreaking end-of-life experience of his father, Malcolm, who was unable to access his wish for MAID because he lost capacity before it could be provided. Read his story on the Toronto Star.

More than 700 Albertans have accessed medical assistance in dying since the law was passed in June 2016. Read more in the Medicine Hat News.

Alberta Health Services is working to give more people the comfort of dying in their own home. Read more in the Medicine Hat News.


A Peterborough, Ont. halfway house is addressing the needs of elderly prisoners and helping them die with dignity. Learn how on

Thirty-six Anglican healthcare chaplains and spiritual care providers gathered in June to share their experiences with assisted dying. Read more on the Anglican Journal.


Canadian Blood Services released its first set of national guidelines for organ donation after MAID. The lead author of the new document is Dr. James Downar, the former chair of our Clinicians Advisory Council.

Quebec’s Heather Ross, who shared her husband Bob’s story in DWDC’s December 2018 newsletter, spoke to The Globe and Mail’s Kelly Grant about organ donation and MAID. Bob was one of the first people in Canada to donate organs after his medically assisted death. Read their story in the Globe.

Dr. Stefanie Green, president of the Canadian Association of MAID Assessors and Providers (CAMAP), was in New Zealand in June to discuss the Canadian experience with assisted dying. (New Zealand’s own End of Life Choice Bill passed a second reading at the end of June.)

Registered nurse and Ph.D. candidate Celina Carter wrote a thoughtful piece describing what it’s really like to die at home in Ontario. Read her article here.

Personal Stories

Alberta’s Paul Morck spoke at an event hosted by DWDC’s Calgary chapter to share the story of his wife, Barb, who struggled to get a proper assessment for MAID before she lost capacity to consent to the procedure. Read their story on the Calgary Herald.

Nova Scotia healthcare consultant Mary Jane Hampton opened up about her mother’s choice of an assisted death in the hopes of ending the stigma around the procedure. Read her story on CBC’s Information Morning.

Cheryl Behan from Orillia, Ont. shared details of her husband’s journey with assisted dying. Read their story on

Ontario’s Dr. Lori-Ann Linkins shared what it was like to say goodbye to her best friend and fellow physician, Shelly, who accessed MAID after being diagnosed with multiple system atrophy. Read more on CMAJ.

To mark the third anniversary of Canada’s assisted dying legislation, DWDC published the personal stories of people who can find no relief in the law.

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