Canadian film 'Hold Me' looks at assisted dying from a caregiver's perspective

The dying with dignity cause hits the silver screen this week in a new film by Canadian writer, director and producer Teace Snyder.

The film, Hold Me, tells the story of a woman named Hannah whose job is to hold and console people who have chosen to have an assisted death. Starring Hannah Fierman and Laura Kenny, Hold Me challenges viewers to witness and examine the final moments of life in the context of a loving goodbye. It also invites viewers to contemplate the emotional impact, struggles and sacrifices of palliative care workers — and to open up the conversation about death and dying in the mainstream.

The film was filmed in Edmonton and will premiere at the Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal (Montreal World Film Festival). It will be broadcast online later in the year.

“The film touches on an evolving discussion in Canada centred on palliative care and the dying with dignity cause,” said a representative for director Teace Snyder. “It acts as a non-confrontational means to broach the subject of [assisted dying] to the public so as to facilitate and encourage this conversation.”

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