Four things you can do to help fix Bill C-14

We still have time to speak out in favour of much-needed changes to the federal government’s proposed legislation on assisted dying

Without significant changes to the bill, entire groups of people who were already deemed eligible by the Supreme Court will be effectively barred from rightful access to assisted dying. It denies access to all but the terminally ill, and it does not allow Canadians with a recent dementia diagnosis to make advance requests for assisted dying. In short, the bill does not comply with the Supreme Court’s decision in Carter v. Canada, nor does it respect the Charter rights of Canadians. This is not the patient-centred approach our supporters were promised.

Many MPs and Senators have already spoken out against the restrictive and discriminatory nature of Bill C-14. It’s time we leverage their support to push for much-needed amendments to the bill.

Here are four ways you can help fix Bill C-14 right now:

1. Email Your MP: Before your MP votes on the bill, they need to hear from you. Use our newly updated Email-a-Rep tool to urge your MP to take a stand for fair laws for assisted dying.

2. Email Your Senators: Multiple senators of different political stripes have criticized Bill C-14 and have said they will work to improve it. Let your senators know you agree — use our new Senate-specific Email-a-Rep action to send a strongly-worded message to all the senators representing your province or territory.

3. Meet with Your MP: Want to really make an impact on your MP? Having an in-person conversation or a phone call with your representative is perhaps the single most impactful thing you can do to influence their approach to Bill C-14. We’ve created a toolkit with suggestions on how to organize a meeting with your MP and what points to bring up when you’re speaking with your representative.

4. Spread the Word: After you’ve used our Email-a-Rep tools to contact your MPs and Senators, send the links to your friends and family, and post to social media.

Time is running out, but the fight is far from over! Let’s make the most of these opportunities now to fight for the rights of all suffering Canadians.

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