Act by July 13: Federal consultation on end-of-life care

Dying With Dignity Canada has created two new resources to help you Voice Your Choice for a patient-centred approach to end-of-life care in Canada.

Right now, Health Canada is conducting a national consultation on palliative care. The feedback that Canadians provide will help the government create a national framework for end-of-life care in this country. This is an incredible opportunity to improve access to a full range of end-of-life choices for all Canadians.

Why it matters

At Dying With Dignity Canada, we believe that Canadians have a right to high-quality palliative care, and we will champion more and better palliative care in our official submission to Health Canada. In addition, we are very concerned that opponents of medical assistance in dying (MAID) are trying to use this consultation to undermine our movement’s efforts to defend your right to an assisted death. They argue that MAID and palliative care are in conflict, or that speaking out for the right to MAID means turning a blind eye to palliative care.

This is a false choice. We know that palliative care and assisted dying are two essential options on a spectrum of care at end of life. Championing one doesn’t mean opposing the other. Canadians want, and deserve, fair access to both.

What you can do

We have developed two new resources to help you raise your voice for a strategy on end-of-life care that puts the person first and doesn’t pit one end-of-life right against another. Here’s how you can weigh in:

  • Using DWDC’s Email-a-Rep Action, tell the government that Canadians should not have to choose between high-quality palliative care and their right to die with the help of a clinician. This click-of-a-button digital action will allow you to send a forceful message for choice to Health Canada in very little time.
  • Using the new letter-writing toolkit we developed, lay out your vision for a national framework for end-of-life care that puts the person first. The toolkit outlines what issues you may wish to address in the letter and how to send in a more detailed submission.

Act by July 13!

Health Canada’s national consultation on palliative care closes on Friday, July 13, so act now! Don’t miss this chance to raise your voice for fair access to both palliative care and assisted dying — not just one or the other.