Other Ways to Give

Looking for a creative way to help us without breaking the bank? Here are some suggestions of other ways you can give.
  • Suggest Donations Rather than Flowers

    At a memorial service or end-of-life celebration, consider suggesting attendees make donations to Dying With Dignity Canada, either in lieu of flowers or simply in memory of the deceased.

    Here is a sample celebration of life card with such a suggestion on the back; thank you to the family of Jerzy (George) Sikorski for allowing us to share this lovely card.

  • Donate Your Professional Expertise

    Do you have a valuable professional skill?  We are building a database of professionals who we can call on as required to save the cost of consulting and contract fees.

    For more information, contact our Executive Director, Wanda Morris, at 604 210 2401.

  • Donate Office Space

    Do you have some unused office space in Vancouver?  Our Executive Director works out of her home office in Vancouver; office space there would enable us to use more volunteers and provide even more services.

    For more information, contact our Executive Director, Wanda Morris at 604 210 2401.

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