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An institutional religious obstruction occurs when someone faces barriers to accessing a MAID assessment and/or provision due to obstructions imposed by the faith-based institution responsible for their care. For example, a forced transfer, when someone is forced to leave their community of care to have a MAID provision because the institution they are in refuses to allow MAID to be provided within their walls.

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A legal team is preparing a court challenge to institutional religious obstructions (IRO) of medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada. There are many facilities across Canada that claim a religious affiliation and – on that basis – object to MAID. 

An IRO could include:

The team is gathering information about people’s experiences with IROs in order to inform the litigation and, ultimately, protect people from being harmed by IROs*. If you, a family member, or friend have been impacted by an IRO and are willing to share your story with the legal team, please complete the form below. Sharing your story may help put an end to institutional religious obstructions, and reduce barriers to accessing MAID. DWDC will provide updates as the case develops.

*While the proposed litigation is focused on an argument related to religion, we are interested in all stories regarding obstructing MAID access. Please feel free to complete the form and we will be in touch when a related opportunity arises.