[VIDEOS] Advance Care Planning FAQ's - Part II

Advance Care Planning is an important task that many Canadians put off. In fact, fewer than one in five of us has a completed Advance Care Plan in place.

We asked Dr. Chantal Perrot to answer your frequently asked questions about Advance Care Planning. We hope this will clarify the process and motivate you to start your Advance Care Plan today. 

Download an Advance Care Planning Kit here. 

Watch our Introduction to Advance Care Planning videos.

What is the role of a Substitute Decision-Maker?

How should someone approach the topic of Advance Care Planning with their health care providers?

What happens if you don't appoint a Substitute Decision-Maker?

What role do health care providers play in the Advance Care Planning process?

Will a person's wishes always be respected?

Watch Part I of our Advance Care Planning FAQ's here.

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