Your health care team: Music therapist

Webinars | October 11, 2023

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Your health care team: Music therapist

On Wednesday, October 11, we sat down with psychotherapist and certified music therapist Dr. SarahRose Black to hear about how music therapy can be incorporated into health care plans, who can qualify, and its potential to transform end-of-life care.

Dr. SarahRose Black is a registered psychotherapist and certified music therapist, researcher and educator specializing in psychosocial oncology and palliative care at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and in private practice. She is a graduate intern supervisor at Wilfrid Laurier University and in September of 2023, she will be an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto. SarahRose is the Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy, and her research focuses on music therapy and medically assisted dying, music and psilocybin use in advanced cancer care, and music therapy for adolescents and young adults with cancer. As a pianist, vocalist, and music health educator, she has performed, taught, and presented on her clinical work and research across Canada.

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