Your health care team: Death Doulas

Webinars | August 22, 2022

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Your health care team: Death Doulas

On August 17, Dying With Dignity Canada was joined by Mono Brown, PhD and Michele King to talk about what they do, common misconceptions about their services, and how they support individuals and their families. 


Mono Brown, PhD is a Registered Death Doula with the End of Life Doula Association of Canada since 2020. As a queer and trans (non-binary) person, Dr. Brown advocates for and promotes self-advocacy among client, in medical and social contexts, such as hospitals and workplaces; where a lack of knowledge or respect may be negatively affecting their treatment and care. Dr Brown’s practice is also supported by their expertise as an educator health researcher, and writing consultant—all roles that honed their knowledge of end-of-life issues and ability to help individuals and groups navigate these issues skillfully and authentically.

Michele King is an End-of-life Doula and Founder of The Last Gift End of Life Doula Services in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Michele’s passion for normalizing conversations around death and dying grew from experiencing the loss of her father at nine years old, being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder at 21 and losing her mother from a stroke in 2018. Her ability to hold space and talk about hard topics has supported people and their families through serious illness diagnosis and at end of life. Her practice also incorporates the healing power of art and facilitates an 8-week expressive arts grief support program.


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