The grief journey: A mother’s experience with MAID

Webinars | May 3, 2022

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The grief journey: A mother’s experience with MAID

On April 26, Dying With Dignity Canada was joined by Heather Cook to discuss her grief journey following her son’s assisted death.

* Dying With Dignity Canada (DWDC) is grateful to have the participation of several diverse speakers and presenters in our webinar series. Please note that the nuanced views expressed in each session are the opinions of the individuals presenting them. They are not necessarily a direct reflection of the views of the organization.


  • Heather CookMother of Aaron. Heather’s relationship with her son was always her passion. Aaron was not only her child; he became her best friend. Her life was full of her work; her grandchildren; travel with her husband; and much joy; until Aaron was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer February 28, 2019. In speaking about the powerful and very personal story of Aaron’s end of life, Heather is longing to bring the fear of untimely death and the grieving process more fully into the light. 

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